The whimsical Guide for Culture

The whimsical Guide for Culture

The whimsical Guide for Culture is a monthly publication addressed to children with ages between 7-12 years and it is edited by Câte-n Lună și-n Mansardă Association with the support from the Administration of the National Cultural Fund.

Letter S has a bad day

One day, the letter S bumps into a misbehaved and ill mannered little boy. The kind who likes to eat letters, instead of making beautiful and well pointed words with them. So, this boy grabs her by the ear and starts nibbling at it. Afterwards, he starts mocking the poor, shocked letter claiming that she is not very good looking and not very tasty either. Then, jumps back on its scooter and off he disappears into a thick cloud of dust. The letter meets all the friends from the Alphabet and together try get to the bottom of this crazy situation. But in the end, there is always, I mean always, a solution even for the worst situations. This story is the living proof of that.

A peculiar encounter

One rainy evening, a girl was dozing in an armchair, all alone and all cuddled up in gramma’s shawl. Suddenly, she heard a very strange noise by the window and when she opened it, she was in for the  biggest, the fluffiest and the most purple surprise ever. This story is about rabbits and orange cats, about the beauty of the stories and the great process of dreaming with eyes wide opened.